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At Manelisi’s Urban Farm, we take pride in our vegetables. Our mission is simple: to spread our love and knowledge of small-scale, sustainable farming with the Gugulethu community and beyond.

our mission

Manelisi's urban farm

"Love your plants, because they won't survive if you don't. Everything in this world has ears; you must love everything that you touch."

Saturday Work parties

We are so proud to host volunteers to Manelisi's Urban Farm most Saturdays! All are welcome for a morning of light farm help, working together to bring the farm to the level we know it can be. 

community outreach

At Manelisi's Urban Farm, we believe that giving back to our community is integral to all of our operations. We are currently planning numerous activities to bring adolescents and adults from Gugulethu and beyond to our farm. We hope to bring in students soon for an education seminar on the value farming can bring into their lives and teach them how to start growing their own vegetables in their own homes!


Our farm depends and the impact we have on our community depends on donations from people like you who want to make a difference. Please, if you have anything to spare, consider giving to Manelisi's Urban Farm to support Manelisi's dream.